Don’t Forget the Alterations – Planning for a Perfect Wedding Dress

download (17)The first thing she should do is consider the average cost and keep in mind that a huge range of adjustments that may be necessary for various types of dresses. Wedding dress alterations can be complex so staying open-minded will help. Design, fabric and detailing of the chosen dress will all play into the overall cost.

The Hemline

Shortening the hemline is a common wedding dress alteration as most women aren’t the typical model height. Style and size plays a part in the price involved with hemline adjustments. For example, a mermaid dress will have around 1/3 the hem of a princess or ball gown style dress. Ruffles on the bottom or layers also play into how much work a seamstress will have to put into it as every layer will need to be adjusted. Expect to pay a most of $250.

Bodice Work

Again, prices will vary with bodice alterations, mostly on lace and beading. Most will spend up to $150 based on how detailed they are. Wedding dress alteration prices depend on the amount of work involved which could include removing, replacing and working around intricate detailing which is time consuming.


Cups add support, especially for staples and backless dresses. Average cost of wedding dress alterations that include cups is around $50 but the effect is stunning. Everything will be held in place through the ceremony and into the reception, especially when the bride is dancing.


There’s not much more stunning than a long, gorgeous train on the dress. As it drifts down the aisle it’s admired by all. However, when it comes to the reception dealing with a foot or more of train on the dress can be a bother. This is why a bustle is necessary. Some dresses come equipped with bustle points, some need more. Prices vary but if a full bustle is needed, this wedding dress alteration will be around $75.


As the lowest price wedding dress alteration, sleeves are a simple fix. The bride can choose whatever type she prefers, have them added or adjusted and it will be around $50. It also depends on embellishments much like other parts of the dress.

Tips to Save on Alterations

Thankfully there are many options to saving money on wedding dress alterations. Settling weight so there won’t be constant changes over the period between the purchase of the dress and the wedding day is one way to save. Another option is to order the dress in enough time so that there’s no inconvenience on the seamstress. Rushed wedding dress alterations always cost more. Get the dress at least three months before the big day.

Finally, be sure to bring the bra that will be worn when getting alterations, as well as other undergarments for the perfect fitting. Otherwise, there may end up being other alterations necessary because the dress will fit differently in the end.

Follow these tips to prepare for and get the most out of wedding dress alterations so that there is less money spent and less stress involved, and focus can be placed elsewhere such as on decorations or making arrangements for food and entertainment. There’s a lot that goes into the perfect wedding, don’t forget the alterations!